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Køb Oramorph


Hva skjer hvis Oramorph ikke virker for meg?

Det er viktig at du gir legen din beskjed hvis du føler at Oramorph ikke hjelper, da det kan være at du trenger en annen dose eller medisinering.
Er oksygen en behandling mot tungpustethet?

Nei. Oksygen korrigerer lave oksygennivåer og reduserer belastningen på hjerte og lunger. Du kan ha et normalt oksygennivå og være svært tungpustet, og derfor bruker vi andre behandlinger mot tungpustethet, som Oramorph.

Een leidraad voor de patiënt bij Oramorph (morfinesulfaat orale oplossing 10mg/5ml) voor gebruik bij ademnood Køb Oramorph

Read our guide below about using Oramorph in breathlessness.

You can also download a PDF version of this patient information by following the link on the right. Køb Oramorph

Wat is Oramorph?

Det er en flydende form af morfin, et stof, der ofte bruges som smertestillende. I små doser ordinerer vi Oramorph til lindring af langvarig eller kronisk åndenød.

Køb Oramorph

Hvorfor vi bruger det

Oramorfi on kasutatud hingelduse raviks juba aastaid. See on osutunud tõhusaks ja ohutuks.

Wird es helfen?

Die Patienten berichten uns, dass sie es als sehr hilfreich empfinden, um ihre Atemnot zu lindern. Viele sagen, dass sie dadurch besser schlafen und ihre täglichen Aktivitäten besser bewältigen können.

How does it work?

Oramorph works quickly to relieve the feeling of being breathless and does not linger in your system. You will start on a small dose 2 to 4 times a day, If this seems to help you, we can gradually increase the dose.

Once you become used to Oramorph, you can take extra doses when you are breathless. You can also use it before doing activities that you know will make you breathless.

What are the possible side effects?

As with all medicines there may be side effects which can include:

  • constipation – which is why a gentle laxative is often prescribed whilst you are taking oramorph.
  • itchy skin (mild)
  • drowsiness (rarely). If you do feel drowsy you must not drive Køb Oramorph oral opløsning

Itchiness and drowsiness usually go away over time, and with continued use of Oramorph.

Some people may feel concerned at the thought of using morphine for a number of reasons:

Some people may recognise this as a medicine used for pain including when someone has cancer or is dying. This is absolutely not why oramorph is used for breathlessness. Køb Oramorph oral opløsning

Some people may think that using morphine will make you addicted. The small amount of morphine used to treat breathlessness does not cause addiction. The oramorph can be safely weaned and stopped if it does not benefit you, or if you no longer need it. Acheter Oramorph

You might notice that the packet information leaflet includes a warning that states that it is dangerous to take oramorph when you have a breathing condition. This is only a potential problem if you need to take very large doses to treat pain. Oramorph is not dangerous in the low doses we prescribe for treating breathlessness.

What happens if Oramorph does not work for me?

It is important to let your doctor know if you feel that the oramorph is not helping as it may be that you need an alternative dose or medication.

Is oxygen a treatment for breathlessness?

No. Oxygen corrects low oxygen levels and reduces strain on your heart and lungs. You can have a normal oxygen level and be very breathless which is why we use other treatments for breathlessness like Oramorph. Køb Oramorph  Acheter Oramorph


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